Sixteens were formed in Oakland, California in the year 1999 by Aaron Paul Larsen (aka Aaron Hospital, aka Voov Pauli) (Vulvettes, Submergent Corridors, Tropikorps), Kristen Anderson (Houses), and Nicholas Ganchev (Requisite Disambiguationes). The trio basically tinkered with noises produced by stringed instruments, drums, various electronic circuits that created feedback loops and large squawking sounds howling like house cats. Sudden changes might be large booming sounds or boom boom fortissimo rhythmically hammering drummy noises rinforzando zoom smack, "boingy noises" etc., forever. Their fashion was famous, infamous, and oftentimes difficult to grasp at a glance. A sickening lime green chiffon scarf might set the stage for some exploded social program that just got a little more paranoid. Why? It is impossible to say. "Casio" -- (Ugh! Unavailable for sale due to a cease and desist order from the Casio corporation) -- really sums up the sound. Unfortunately, no one is allowed to listen to it anymore. (Sad face.) Sixteens self-titled debut . . . the one that just says "Sixteens" on it . . . can be purchased wherever records can be purchased because it is quite good also.