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04182017 -- This Starcraft Project Sponsors return from fact-finding mission followed by extended period of rest and relaxation. Here is the music they have made: NEW MUSIC

11022016 -- Discussions ongoing RE: BERNARB'S ATTACHMENT

Nov 27 - Rachel Mason Record Release Party w Egrets on Ergo - BOOTLEG THEATER

08082016 Mock Ups for This StarCraft / Sect 503 collaboration "Thee Black Beauty" created and ready for review.

08022016 CD cases reviewed on Sunday, July 31, 2016. Projectinator serviceable and ready for new slide roll.

07092016 Unicorn Stickers and L.A. Drones test pressings received.

06032016 Small Dwarf True Type font send to This Starcraft Research and Development Department for ELF testing.

05202016 Small War LP mastered by Skot Brown, labels formatted and ready to be sent to press. Website updates to Gallery pages include new artwork by Samantha Downey. Unicorn Stickers covers finalized and ready for print production. LA Drones LP covers in mock up stage.

04122016 Unicorns Stickers LP mastered by Skot Brown and sent for pressing on blue vinyl. Small War 10" mix pending approval for mastering. LP talks with LA Drones underway. Front half of epic This Starcraft research and development facility complete with roll up door (no injuries).

03012016 Construction of massive This Starcraft research and development facility in downtown Santa Cruz.

02052016 This Starcraft Video added to Works in Progress page

01292015 Today the sun rose at 7:16 am. It set at 5:29 pm. This means we enjoyed 10 hours and 13 minutes of daylight in Oakland, California today -- up 1 hour and 22 minutes since the last newsworthy This StarCraft event.

12292015 According to the Astronomical Applications Department at the U. S. Naval Observatory, Oakland, California will enjoy 9 hours and 35 minutes of daylight today. This is one more minute of daylight than we experienced yesterday. It is expected that this trend in extended luminosity will continue for the next 6 months or so.

10302015 Nothing happened today.

10132015 (Plastos Corp., 2015) Third Quarter Rage Spike Indicator sales lag. Early Fourth Quarter reversal considered "extremely likely".

09282015 Battle Mime, the natural progression of Plastos, formatted and ready for mock-up

09162015 El Nino?

08172015 New This Starcraft Acronyms and Abbreviations Proposed:
This Starcraft (TS)
Aesthetic Sciences (AS)
Visual Housing (VH)
Audio Facilitation (AFAC)
Language Containment (LCON)
Research and Development (RD)
Book Production (BPROD)
Record Production (RPROD)
Video Production (VPROD)
Office Administration (OFFA)

08102015 1.) The first This StarCraft/Sect 503 Video Project"No Cambias" video rough cut with music accomplished. 2.) Dynasty artwork links functional: (Click on thumbnails for full view.)

08072015 This Starcraft Administration of Research and Development Department assigned Stakeholder Link Discovery Effort Approved.

Go to Sect 503

Go to Dynasty Art Show

08072015 Scrolling Projections functional.

(Quick Time Player Required for Online Viewing)

08012015 Unicorn Stickers Full Length LP mixed. Research into rainbow swirl and/or blueberry flavored vinyl allocated to R&D. This Starcraft Administration of Record Production Department resource allotment for full length Unicorn Stickers LP approved.

08012015 Eight Stories for the Valued Passenger, The Transparent Consumer, and Plastos Uncorrected Review Proofs complete. Received in good condition.

08012015Walking in Room City Uncorrected Review Proof in progress.

07312015 VHS Video Project Initiated.