Aaron Paul Larsen

FORTY-SIX years have passed since Plastos Corp. was founded by BMSD nee Richard D. Hoffstettar.

Battle Mime brings us up-to-date on the company's most recent mind control operations -- disclosing a host of soft-drink packages tailored for training, maintaining control over or simply "doing away with" ideal candidates before, during or after use in any given field situation. Basing many innovations upon the 1961 Milgram Experiment on Obedience to Authority Figures, as well as the later Stanford Prison Experiment, Battle Mime is a handbook for instructors concerned primarily with chaos and mayhem aboard the Municipal Underground Utility Vehicle Navigation System (MUUVNS).

Indispensable reading for any instructor whose operations have expanded by over 2,000 acres within the past four decades, this hand book is short, to the point, and as utterly absurd as it aught to be.