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Without words arranged on a page or sounds contained in fun plastic, the brain gets angry and dies.

The unique proposition of This Starcraft is a break with conventional record production and book publishing toward a more fluid conduit for artistic and intellectual expression -- a completely independent effort to reach others engaged in thought patterns that resonate in tune to a new sound coming over the airwaves at barely perceptible levels.

This Starcraft serves people with hands that turn pages contained in bound reams that are books -- people that grow and read or shrink and disappear completely. These are not animals but the finest, most intelligent men and women on earth. Book stores must attempt to satisfy an increasingly shrewd, clued-in clientele. Record stores, too, need new things that make noise wherein the imagination is set free to wander wherever it will in any manner it may please.

Clearly, more books and records are needed and This Starcraft is uniquely qualified to maintain a happy face where other faces may frown or even fall off, to create value from dumb paper and plastic, and to inspire feelings of shock and pleasant or slightly uneasy surprise, among other sudden emotions.

Insofar as the label provides an organizational basis for mass production and wide scale promotion of books and records that will attract others with work of a complimentary hue to the items produced by This Starcraft it serves as a feedback loop for amplification and expansion of a self-made scene. Be that as it may, This Starcraft will be defined by the products it releases to the public for whimsical manhandling.


It is anticipated that in time This Starcraft will be propelled from near total obscurity onto a much more glorious platform for creative action. A headquarters containing an office for administration, a warehouse for shipping and receiving on a modest scale, space for rehearsal and recording of music, print and audio/video production, as well as a gallery/performance area to accommodate between 50 to 100 persons will signal significant forward progress in this direction.


The objectives of This Starcraft are to broaden perspective and inspire creative action—to physically rearrange the board, as it were—with new music, literature and art hereinafter referred to as "material."

The items produced by This Starcraft are now and should continue to be of high quality and exceptional artistic and intellectual value. Given that the intention of This Starcraft is to make the merit and availability of these works widely known, the organization (or "body") should be well prepared in advance to make the most of any and all favorable press, profits, and other support as it occurs with a view to moving the project toward its intended objectives.

The inclusive boundaries of This Starcraft are as follows: to write and prepare new literature for publication; to publish new literature; to promote new literature prior to and after publication; to record new sounds for record production; to produce records; to promote new records prior to and after release; to gather allies and expand upon efficient This Starcraft operations within the boundaries of reason and good taste set forth in this Project Charter.

The exclusive boundaries of This Starcraft, or items that are out of scope, are as follows: stickers. A This Starcraft release is defined as any produced art, music, or literature bearing a This Starcraft imprint or other identifier designating it as approved by This Starcraft Project Sponsors. No art, music, or literature, however, will bear a This Starcraft imprint that is a sticker, nor will any work be supported by any other This Starcraft sticky thing without the complete review and approval of the Project Sponsors.


This Starcraft has been organized to facilitate production and promotion of art, music, and literature. One assumption is that an audience exists that is or will be interested in the art, music, and literature This Starcraft produces and promotes. This section identifies additional statements believed to be true from which a conclusion was drawn to define this Project Charter.

The following statements are believed to be true:

1.) The books and records This Starcraft produces and promotes have value and can be sold to people who will have a happy face.

2.) This Starcraft Project Sponsors can engage in commercial enterprise and achieve a degree of organizational success without losing their minds.


To date, This Starcraft has been financed entirely by the Project Sponsors. The Project Sponsors are therefore free to do as they please with whatever resources they have on hand at any time. Current organization of resources is such that funds acquired through sales of any particular project commodity are directed to the Project Sponsor(s) who invested in it. When returns meet or exceed the cost of production, a portion of the hypothetical profit may be directed into an equally hypothetical This Starcraft slush fund for other projects. The over all project has no outstanding debts or other financial obligations to anyone or anything and should remain so disposed at all times.


This section describes the key roles supporting the project.

A Project Sponsor is responsible for the project in its entirety and acts as the project’s champion or "gladiator" providing direction and support to This Starcraft goals. Project Sponsors approve the project scope represented in this document, perform the day-to-day management of the project, and have specific accountability for managing the project within the approved constraints of scope, quality, time, and cost to deliver the specified requirements, deliverables, and consumer satisfaction. Additionally, Project Sponsors provide technical direction to the project and are responsible for maintaining the project’s information security.

Writers, artists, and musicians with whom Project Sponsors collaborate on This Starcraft projects.


As has been made abundantly clear already, This Starcraft projects have been funded entirely by the Project Sponsors. It is anticipated that sales of This Starcraft products may provide supplementary financing for new projects at some point in the future. The following section provides an abstract summary of various This Starcraft departments to meet the objectives of an over all This Starcraft project as described in this Project Charter.


This Starcraft as a group of people may be recognized as having some of the same legal rights and responsibilities as an individual. For example, This Starcraft may contract with other parties and sue or be sued in court in the same way that a "natural" or "real" person can do or do not do. Dealing with This Starcraft as an "unnatural" person or "body" is a convenient legal fiction that simplifies complex transactions and protects the individual rights of the Project Sponsors, as well as the right of association or the rights of "the" association that is "This Starcraft."

The laws of the United States hold that a legal entity like This Starcraft shall be treated under the law as a person (except when otherwise noted). This rule of construction is specified in 1 U.S.C. §1 (United States Code), which states:

"In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, unless the context indicates otherwise . . . the words 'person' and 'whoever' include corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies, as well as individuals."

Under the United States Code This Starcraft is therefore allowed to own property and enter into contracts. It can also sue and be sued and be held liable under both civil and criminal law. Because This Starcraft is considered a "person" the Project Sponsors are not legally responsible for debts and damages beyond their investment in This Starcraft. Similarly, the Project Sponsors are liable for their own malfeasance or law-breaking while acting on behalf of This Starcraft but are not generally liable for the actions of This Starcraft -- provisions that make This Starcraft a bit more slippery than a real human being while helping the human beings to be free.

The international personality of This Starcraft emerges from its artistic, intellectual, and ethical authority and mission in the world as opposed to a claim over purely temporal matters.


Whereas most corporations, companies, associations, firms, partnerships, societies, and joint stock companies do not bother describing the fictional "body" of their unnatural person, This Starcraft has chosen to do so, because it can.

It is convenient then to establish that This Starcraft has a head in which resides a brain that is the Office Administration/Accounting Department. This upper appendage is responsible for all aspects of This Starcraft administration. As such, the Office Administration/Accounting Department does all of the thinking for a This Starcraft body and is responsible for keeping things orderly and functional in an office with a fax machine, computers, paper, pens, typewriters, printers, etc..

The brain is located in The Administration of Research and Development Department which moves This Starcraft operations forward as a whole. The Administration of Research and Development Department acts as the "eyes and ears" of This Starcraft. Research priority is discovery of things such as objects, theories, facts, hypothesis, opinions or situations that might be of use to This Starcraft aesthetically, intellectually, artistically, financially, ethically, in a business sense, or in any other sense that may improve This Starcraft operations or morale. The Administration of Research and Development Department is responsible for general intellectual and artistic research, tour research, review source research, and any other research that could lead to something good. Expenses the Administration of Research and Development Department may accrue are mostly associated with the one, dumpy computer that it remains chained to at all times. Developmental tasks of the Department of Research and Development include spearheading operations aimed at enlarging the project (body) as a whole.

The mouth of This Starcraft eats and speaks. In speaking, a This Starcraft mouth attempts to convince people to buy books and records. The mouth is the Administration of Marketing and Publicity Department The Administration of Marketing and Publicity spearheads all advertisement and other operations more commonly associated with the term "marketing." As such, the Administration of Marketing and Publicity Department is responsible for all aspects of event coordination, e.g., postage, shipping supplies, presentation materials, etc. The Administration of Marketing and Publicity Department is also responsible for shipping review materials to review sources, including all books, records, book summaries, record summaries or samples, etc.

This Starcraft has been described as a brain in a head with eyes, ears, and a mouth. It is a given that the neck and torso of This Starcraft resemble the head and the rest of the body. The arms do two things that the Project Sponsors are aware of. The right arm acts as the Administration of Record Production Department and is responsible for all aspects of record production.

Expenses the Administration of Record Production Department may accrue include all expenses associated with instruments that produce music or other sounds that can be recorded, recording devices and supplies, production of vinyl records (and/or CDs and Tapes, as well as MP3 conversion as needed), preparation and printing of record labels and covers (and/or CD and Tape covers as needed), and printing of any prepared promotional material that may be included with the final product in record form.

The left arm of a This Starcraft body is the Administration of Book Production Department. The Administration of Book Production Department is responsible for all aspects of book production. The Administration of Book Production Department is distinct from the Administration of Record Production Department in that books are not records. Expenses the Administration of Book Production Department may accrue include all expenses associated with any supplies, devices, or labor associated with producing books, as well as printing of any prepared promotional material that may be included with the final product in book form.

This Starcraft has legs that it can use to get from one place to another. The legs are ideas, books, records, art, and other items produced by the rest of a This Starcraft body that can be sold for money to help the legs move.

Now we can see that This Starcraft is an unnatural person that has problems. But in time the crude monster may assume a more graceful shape . . . or the arms may grow muscular and hairy and stretch out to entirely different lengths. Obviously, the neck and torso are another department. Whatever happens, all measures that can and must be taken to assure an acceptable solution to any freaked out This Starcraft body situation shall be advanced within a present rendering of facts or fictions that are a living This Starcraft project charter.